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Coaxial Cabling Virginia, Washington, DC & Maryland


Virginia Cable Networks provides installation, maintenance, repair and troubleshooting of coaxial (coax) cabling systems for small to medium sized businesses in Virginia, Washington, DC and Maryland.


Virginia Cable Networks coaxial (coax) cabling projects have included apartment buildings, hotels, motels, retail businesses, new construction sites and residential homes throughout Virginia, Washington, DC and Maryland areas. Virginia Cable Networks has performed cable installation and servicing for clients such as K-mart, Rite Aid, CVS, Office Depot, Starbucks, Crate & Barrel, Aeropostale and other businesses in the Washington, DC Metropolitan area.


Virginia Cable Networks also provides installation and configuration of Private Branch Exchange (PBX) systems, Voice over IP (VoIP) systems, CCTV security systems, Digital Signage and Smart Grid. Virginia Cable Networks additionally provides IT services ranging from Network design, planning and installation to Point of Sale (POS) installation.


Coaxial Cable Types installed & repaired by VCN: Hard line cable, Radiating cable (Leaky Cable), RG/6, Triaxial cable (Triax), Twin-axial cable (twinax), Biaxial cable (biax), Semi-rigid and others.

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Virginia Cable Networks - Coaxial Cabling
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